Growing up I didn’t know exactly what my real passion in life was going to be, I didn’t know what I’d be doing all I knew was that I wanted to be successful. After joining the military out of high school, I worked for an epoxy flooring company where I learned the skills and knowledge I needed in order to be successful. After parting ways, I decided I wanted to offer the highest quality product and service I possibly could for a cost that makes it affordable.

Precision Epoxy Flooring

That’s when I started Precision Epoxy Flooring, the leaders of Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio for commercial, industrial, and residential flooring. We strive to make every floor absolutely flawless to ensure our customers are receiving the utmost quality. Not only do we specialize in residential flooring, we also offer a wide range of Commercial and Industrial services to make sure we capture every sector of industry.

Mission Statement

To offer a quality PRECISION Epoxy Floor to every customer at a cost that is affordable for everyone, we work hard and strive for perfection on every floor!

PROTECT: Sealing and protecting concrete with the best environmentally friendly penetrating sealer on the market today. Utilizing nano technology when it comes to serious protection, there is no other sealer that delivers like “The Concrete Protector.” With the optional maintenance program, you can keep your concrete looking clean and new for over thirty years for less money than it would cost you to tear out and replace your concrete one time.

REPAIR: Over the last few years, we have seen many products that promise long lasting affects, but have witnessed only one product that keeps its word. Eco-poly & Elite-Crete, stands alone as the only repair product that lasts long term.

DESIGN: Perhaps the reason Precision Epoxy Flooring is so well known in the Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan region, is our ability to transform old, ugly concrete into beautiful, functional flooring. This is the foundation of our company. More and more people are realizing the long term and sustainable benefits of decorative concrete. Precision Epoxy Floorings in modified cement overlays, staining, industrial grade epoxy coatings, and stencil patterning. They transform old, ugly, damaged concrete into beautiful, functional floors, that offer a lifetime of service.